☢✠EvilBot✠☢ Web Crawler uses multiple connections in order to devour a website and while this may sound a little harsh, it’s main purpose is an “All in one” testing platform.

From Security Vulnerabilities to general SEO ☢✠EvilBot✠☢ runs an intense and thorough scan throughout a domain as well as the ability to scan external domains simultaneously.

☢✠EvilBot✠☢ Signatures:

  • EvilBot/1.0 (compatible; EvilBot 1.0 +https://eviltek.net/evilbot/)
    [1.0 Indicates Web Crawler]
  • EvilBot/2.0 (compatible; EvilBot 2.0 +https://eviltek.net/evilbot/)
    [2.0 Indicates Web Scraper]

Example Crawl & Render


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