CodeCleaner V1.0

Tired of having to edit out empty lines of code in your project?
Well I have a script for that.
CodeCleaner is a simple program that allows you to clean up your
code fast and effectively. Html,htm,php,vbs,txt,doc,asp,js and
really any ASCII based document. With some documents having an extreme
amount of code I built this script to save myself hours of work and I
use it on a routine basis, call me lazy.
Work Smarter Not Harder.
You can clean as many files as you like there’s no demo version and
CodeCleaner is really simple to use. CodeCleaner makes your documents
nice and tidy and doesn’t edit margins or spacing, just empty lines.
No testing has been done on non-ascii files as of yet, but as long as you
make a backup copy before hand it’s worth a try.

File Types: html htm php txt doc docx asp aspx js cvs hta rtf java pl c c# f# csv xls xlsx bat vbs

Download CodeCleaner V1.0

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