Desert Siege Air War Over Iraq
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Desert Siege Air War Over Iraq Released!

Ever wondered what would have happened if The Iraqi Air Force had ever gotten off the ground during Desert Storm?
Well this is your chance to see history from another timeline.
Desert Siege Air War Over Iraq may be an older game originally designed for Windows 98 / Windows 2k systems but it sure runs great on versions up to Windows 10 and may need to be run in Windows 98 Compatible mode on some machines and is a great primer for learning the importance of using Flaps, Brakes and a Spoiler in preparation if you plan on downloading Wastelandz, with Modern Military Aircraft such as the F-18E Series Jet Fighter (Which handles like a wet dream) or a MiG-29 which is one serious machine as well as some older and outdated aircraft like the MiG-21.

All the Keyboard Flight Controls are available for download on each game page, both are the same file so you only need to download it once and keep it handy.
For more information and to download both games for free click the links below.

Wastelandz – Extreme Air to Air Combat

Desert Siege Air War Over Iraq

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