DiskSpy™ Forensic File Utility


DiskSpy™ is a Forensic File Utility that can be used to find file types on a computer and comes as a Full Master Suite which includes the ability to find and copy All Images, Documents, Videos and Browser Cookies to a forensic folder for inspection. The  DiskSpy™ Master Suite Collection is available for purchase by Law Enforcement and Government Agencies.
Special orders are available for an extra cost.

A Free Trial Demo ( PhotoSpy™ ) is available, this demo is limited to searching one folder and copying all files to a forensic folder for inspection.

PhotoSpy Version 1.0 Free Demo

This program will copy image files on the Users Hard Drive.
Using a Larger capacity USB thumb drive is recommended as there can be
a large amount of files being copied.
2gb to 16gb USB thumb drives should accommodate most common user files.

Copy PhotoSpy.exe to a USB thumb drive.
Insert USB thumb drive into the computer you wish to copy files from.
Run PhotoSpy.
Remove USB thumb drive (Eject Safely is recommended)

PhotoSpy will create a PhotoSpy Images directory on your USB thumb drive
which will contain all the image files on the users computer.
The process can take some time, so be patient.
When PhotoSpy Completes remove your USB thumb drive.
If you remove your USB thumb drive before PhotoSpy is finished it will error.

If you enjoy PhotoSpy check out the Master Collection which includes:
Launcher Application

Download The Free Trial Demo

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