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WasteLandz | X-Craft Pilots Wanted!

WasteLandz | X-Craft Pilots Wanted!

Wastelandz is to this day The Fastest Combat Flight Simulator known to mankind.
Fly Ultra High Speed Interceptor Aircraft against other Ultra High Speed Interceptors and Robotic Variations, but Beware, this game is not for the novice pilot.
Set in the future, Wastelandz pits pilot against computer driven killing machines that are not just relentless, but lethal and only the most skilled pilots dare even try.
It is Highly Recommended that you learn to fly the primer to this game, Desert Siege which consists of Modern Day Fighter Jets against one another.
This game is single player, multi-player and hostable via IP address so you can build your own squadron of fearless aviators and take on your adversaries or one another.
Before playing you will want to download the Flight Controls PDF file and get familiarized with the flight controls and tips included in the file.
Download Flight Controls PDF Here

This game was designed for Windows 98 so you will have to run it in Windows 98 Compatible mode if you experience any runtime errors or failure to load the game.
It’s Highly recommended that you have a Flight Stick Controller as flying by keyboard is more than difficult.
Download Wastelandz Here (65Mb) and Enjoy!

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