TCP/UDP Port Scanner

TCP UDP Port Scanner

This is a simple port scanning utility designed to scan ports of
a local, networked or remote machine.
The port scanner uses the Winsocks protocols to find information on selected machines and ports.

Select an IP, Networked Computer or Domain Name.
Select Port Range: (1-65535)
Select the beginning port.
Select the end port.

Scanning Your PC:
You can scan your pc using the default IP  or your Assigned IP address 192.168.X.X as well as by using your computer name ie: MYCOMPUTER.
*Scanning Errors Below.

Scanning A Remote Computer:
Scan by using the remote computer IP address or by a
domain name ie:

Download TCP/UDP Port Scanner

*Scanning Errors (Known).
Scanning Errors.

Scanning Port 20 will return:
error: 10040
A Winsock error has been encountered.

Scanning Port 53 will return:
Error opening socket: 10013
A Winsock error has been encountered.

Scanning Port 137 will return:
Error opening socket: 10013
A Winsock error has been encountered.

For more information on Port Scan Errors visit:


Code Cleaner

Code Cleaner Editor

CodeCleaner V1.0

Tired of having to edit out empty lines of code in your project?
Well I have a script for that.
CodeCleaner is a simple program that allows you to clean up your
code fast and effectively. Html,htm,php,vbs,txt,doc,asp,js and
really any ASCII based document. With some documents having an extreme
amount of code I built this script to save myself hours of work and I
use it on a routine basis, call me lazy.
Work Smarter Not Harder.
You can clean as many files as you like there’s no demo version and
CodeCleaner is really simple to use. CodeCleaner makes your documents
nice and tidy and doesn’t edit margins or spacing, just empty lines.
No testing has been done on non-ascii files as of yet, but as long as you
make a backup copy before hand it’s worth a try.

File Types: html htm php txt doc docx asp aspx js cvs hta rtf java pl c c# f# csv xls xlsx bat vbs

Download CodeCleaner V1.0

Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator.

Sitemap Generator
(Demo Version)

Having a Sitemap is important if you want Search Engines to crawl
your Website. Sitemap Generator Demo provides and example of an
HTML Sitemap that is geared towards getting results Fast.

Sitemap Generator Demo comes with demo html files and the main
program. When prompted to select your HTML files directory
browse to the sample files or to any folder that contains
your HTML files.

You will be prompted to enter specific information that will be
written to the Sitemap. During the writing process the program
may take a few seconds to prompt you again. When the Sitemap
has been created it will open in your default browser for viewing.
The demo version does not save the Sitemap, the Full Version does
and has more easy to customize features.

Download Sitemap Generator

Thank you for downloading Sitemap Generator Demo!

DiskSpy™ Forensic File Utility

DiskSpy™ Forensic File Utility


DiskSpy™ is a Forensic File Utility that can be used to find file types on a computer and comes as a Full Master Suite which includes the ability to find and copy All Images, Documents, Videos and Browser Cookies to a forensic folder for inspection. The  DiskSpy™ Master Suite Collection is available for purchase by Law Enforcement and Government Agencies.
Special orders are available for an extra cost.

A Free Trial Demo ( PhotoSpy™ ) is available, this demo is limited to searching one folder and copying all files to a forensic folder for inspection.

PhotoSpy Version 1.0 Free Demo

This program will copy image files on the Users Hard Drive.
Using a Larger capacity USB thumb drive is recommended as there can be
a large amount of files being copied.
2gb to 16gb USB thumb drives should accommodate most common user files.

Copy PhotoSpy.exe to a USB thumb drive.
Insert USB thumb drive into the computer you wish to copy files from.
Run PhotoSpy.
Remove USB thumb drive (Eject Safely is recommended)

PhotoSpy will create a PhotoSpy Images directory on your USB thumb drive
which will contain all the image files on the users computer.
The process can take some time, so be patient.
When PhotoSpy Completes remove your USB thumb drive.
If you remove your USB thumb drive before PhotoSpy is finished it will error.

If you enjoy PhotoSpy check out the Master Collection which includes:
Launcher Application

Download The Free Trial Demo

Windows Command Shell Scripting

EvilTek Web Development Website Design Web Security SEO Graphic Branding Applications Game Design Software Downloads Website Chat News Social Network File

The command shell is a software program that provides direct communication between the user and the operating system. The non-graphical, command shell user interface provides the environment in which you run character-based applications and utilities. The command shell executes programs and displays their output on the screen by using individual characters similar to the MS-DOS command interpreter, The command shell in the Windows Server operating system uses the command interpreter, Cmd.exe. Cmd.exe loads applications, directs the flow of information between applications, and translates user input into a form that the operating system understands.

You can use the command shell to create and edit scripts to automate routine tasks. For example, you can create simple scripts in batch (.bat) files to automate the management of user accounts or nightly backups. You can also use the command-line version of Windows Script Host to run more sophisticated scripts in the command shell. For more information, see cscript or wscript. You can perform operations more efficiently by using scripts than you can by using the user interface. Scripts accept all commands that are available at the command line.

Batch File Work Shop

The Batch File Work Shop is a Command Shell Application (Batch File) that allows you to work with other batch files via a master batch file editor.  The work shop comes with examples, one of which generates an html file containing the available Windows Commands you can use to build your own batch files and programs.
Original “allhelp.bat” File Credit: Rob van der Woude

Download Batch File Work Shop

File Compare Utility

Compare any or all files and directories on your computer.
This batch file generates a list of the specified folders and files by name and size to compare the size of two directories by default. This is a useful tool if you’re trying to find lost files.

Download File Compare Utility

MKList (Make List)

MKList will search all folders and files on your hard drive or specified drive and create a list of files and directories sorted in alphabetical order.
Default is C:\ (..\) based on the installation path.
Install to C:\MKList and Run.

Download MKList

SiteTracker™ Web Site Visitor Tracking

SiteTracker™ Web Site Visitor Tracking

SiteTracker™ Web Site Visitor Tracking

SiteTracker™ Web Site Visitor Tracking

  1. Track Your Web Site Visitors With Detailed Information.
  2. User And Admin Access.
  3. Import / Export With Microsoft Excel.
  4. Database Friendly Format.
  5. Full Customization.
  6. Runs In PopUps, Links and Iframes.
  7. Lightweight Code And File Structure.
  8. Automated Processing.

Click Here For Demo


SiteTracker™ Web Site Visitor Tracking
SiteTracker™ Web Site Visitor Tracking
SiteTracker™ Web Site Visitor Tracking
SiteTracker™ Web Site Visitor Tracking
SiteTracker™ Web Site Visitor Tracking
Order And Download Now
$12.95 USD

GetFile Multi-File Download Utility

GetFile Multiple File Download Tool

GetFile Multi-File Download Utility

This program will download all copied urls from linklist.txt
and allow you to download files all at once without having to find
them or wait for your browser to download them.
Simply right click on a link and “Copy Link Address” and then Paste
into linklist.txt for later.
When you’re done collecting files, simply click the GetFile app
(GetFile.exe) and type in linklist.txt and GetFile will read from
linklist.txt, create a downloads folder and download all the files
in the list to that folder.
Three links come default in linkslist.txt including a new copy of
the GetFile Setup.
Note: You can make your own link text file and just type it’s name into the input box.

Download GetFile

SiteCheck Web Site Verification Tool

Site Check Server Status Utility

SiteCheck 1.0 (Demo) Released.

One of many new programs to be available from EvilTek Web Development.
SiteCheck is a program for Web Masters, it allows you to easily check the status of your Web Site or Web Sites.
A small file and easy to use program in Demo Mode, the Full Featured mode is available for purchase and can be obtained via request.

Demo Features:
Web Site Status (Up or Down).
Log File Creation in User Input Feature (Single Instance).

Full Features:
Web Site Status (Up or Down).
Log File Creation in User Input Feature All Sites.
Program Editing To Customize Details And Logs.

Download SiteCheck Demo

Visual Basic Source Code Samples

EvilTek Web Development Website Design Web Security SEO Graphic Branding Applications Game Design Software Downloads Website Chat News Social Network File

Visual Basic Scripting (VBS or VBScript) is a Programming Language that’s very versatile and relatively easy to use.
As a Developer and Programmer you have to know several Coding Languages and if you’re a Novice Visual Basic is pretty simple to learn, especially if you have knowledge with HTML (This is a great Website).
If you’re a Beginner Visual Studio may be a little much to wrap your head around right off so start with a more simple program such as VBSEdit which is very functional and Easy To Use, or just edit them with Notepad (New Text Document).
Finding good examples can take hours of time so to make things a little easier some Easy To Use and Basic Scripts are available here and more will be added.

VB Script Source Code Samples

  • Wintools Application and Source Code  | Open Source In PopUp

Desert Siege Air War Over Iraq

Desert Siege Air War Over Iraq

Desert Siege Air War Over Iraq Released!

Ever wondered what would have happened if The Iraqi Air Force had ever gotten off the ground during Desert Storm?
Well this is your chance to see history from another timeline.
Desert Siege Air War Over Iraq may be an older game originally designed for Windows 98 / Windows 2k systems but it sure runs great on versions up to Windows 10 and may need to be run in Windows 98 Compatible mode on some machines and is a great primer for learning the importance of using Flaps, Brakes and a Spoiler in preparation if you plan on downloading Wastelandz, with Modern Military Aircraft such as the F-18E Series Jet Fighter (Which handles like a wet dream) or a MiG-29 which is one serious machine as well as some older and outdated aircraft like the MiG-21.

All the Keyboard Flight Controls are available for download on each game page, both are the same file so you only need to download it once and keep it handy.
For more information and to download both games for free click the links below.

Wastelandz – Extreme Air to Air Combat

Desert Siege Air War Over Iraq

<title>EvilTek WinTools HTA Application</title>
APPLICATIONNAME="EvilTek WinTools HTA Application"
ID="EvilTek WinTools HTA Application"
<meta http-equiv="x-ua-compatible">
<meta charset="utf-8">
.basicTextShadow p, h2 {
zoom: 1;
background-color: white;
filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Chroma(Color=white)
progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.DropShadow(OffX=2, OffY=2, Color=#99cc99);
.basicTextShadow p, h1 {
zoom: 1;
background-color: white;
filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Chroma(Color=white)
progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.DropShadow(OffX=1, OffY=2, Color=#ccc5c5);

<!-- End Font CSS -->

<!-- This Makes It Work -->
<script type="text/vbscript">
Dim objShell
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

Sub StartProcesses
Dim Checkbox
For Each Checkbox In Document.getElementsByName("process")
If Checkbox.Checked Then
objShell.Run """" & Checkbox.getAttribute("path") & """"
End If
End Sub

<script language="VBScript">

Sub Window_OnLoad
Dim width,height
self.ResizeTo width,height
self.MoveTo (screen.AvailWidth-width)/2,(screen.AvailHeight-height)/2
'This method will be called when the application loads
'Add your code here
End Sub
'Sub OnClickButtonOK()
Sub OnClickButtonMSG()
'This method will be called when OK is clicked
'Add your code here
MsgBox "Don't Forget To Bookmark EvilTek."& vbCrLf & ""
End Sub

Sub OnClickButtonClose()
'This method will be called when Cancel is clicked
'Add your code here
End Sub


<body bgcolor="buttonface">
<table border=0 width=100% height=100%>
<tr><td height=100% width=100% valign=top align=left>

<font face=Roboto>
Check the program you would like to run! <br>
Available programs to run for now: <br>
<div id="ProcessList">
<input type="checkbox" name="process" path="">EvilTek<br>
<input type="checkbox" name="process" path="">Shogun<br>
<input type="checkbox" name="process" path="">Google<br>
<input type="checkbox" name="process" path="calc.exe">Calculator <br>
<input type="checkbox" name="process" path="notepad.exe">Notepad <br>
<i>Select from the choices above, you may select multiple choices.</i>
<input type="button" onclick="StartProcesses" value="Submit"><br>
<div id="error"></div>
<h2>Below is the code as a .txt file. You can easily edit a .hta file in Notepad</h2>
<tr><td align=right>
<input type="button" style="width: 80px" name="MSG" id="MSG" value="Click Me" onclick="OnClickButtonMSG">&nbsp;&nbsp;
<input type="button" style="width: 80px" name="Close" id="Cancel" value="Close" onclick="OnClickButtonCancel">

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