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The command shell is a software program that provides direct communication between the user and the operating system. The non-graphical, command shell user interface provides the environment in which you run character-based applications and utilities. The command shell executes programs and displays their output on the screen by using individual characters similar to the MS-DOS command interpreter, Command.com. The command shell in the Windows Server operating system uses the command interpreter, Cmd.exe. Cmd.exe loads applications, directs the flow of information between applications, and translates user input into a form that the operating system understands.

You can use the command shell to create and edit scripts to automate routine tasks. For example, you can create simple scripts in batch (.bat) files to automate the management of user accounts or nightly backups. You can also use the command-line version of Windows Script Host to run more sophisticated scripts in the command shell. For more information, see cscript or wscript. You can perform operations more efficiently by using scripts than you can by using the user interface. Scripts accept all commands that are available at the command line.

Batch File Work Shop

The Batch File Work Shop is a Command Shell Application (Batch File) that allows you to work with other batch files via a master batch file editor.  The work shop comes with examples, one of which generates an html file containing the available Windows Commands you can use to build your own batch files and programs.
Original “allhelp.bat” File Credit: Rob van der Woude

Download Batch File Work Shop

File Compare Utility

Compare any or all files and directories on your computer.
This batch file generates a list of the specified folders and files by name and size to compare the size of two directories by default. This is a useful tool if you’re trying to find lost files.

Download File Compare Utility

MKList (Make List)

MKList will search all folders and files on your hard drive or specified drive and create a list of files and directories sorted in alphabetical order.
Default is C:\ (..\) based on the installation path.
Install to C:\MKList and Run.

Download MKList

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